services overview

We excel in offering top quality product development services based on many years of professional experience and technological advancements.

Software Development

We develop custom web, mobile, and desktop applications that satisfy our client's demands.

Electronics Design

We design the electronics, the circuit board layout, and program the microcontrollers.


If needed, we help our customers with the installation and configuration of products design by our company.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are usually much more lower than the market rate ($75-$205/hr). We work with you to help you save money in your projects.

Constant Support

We value every customer. We always put our customer interests first. If you have an inquiry or issue, we are just one call or email away.

What we offer

Our company offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind products intended to meet customers’ unique demands.

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Software Development

We specialize in creating custom made Web, Mobile, and Desktop Applications. Our company develops for personal use and small, mid, large scale businesses. We can also help businesses with upgrading their legacy software to a more efficient and modern look.

Start-Up Companies

Are you a Startup company? No problem, we can help your company by developing your website, web apps, and/or internal applications at a low cost compared to other companies that charge full price.

Beautiful, modern design

Our software applications offer our customers responsive and functional design that looks beautiful and modern in comparison with many other products on the market of free apps.

Easy to set up

If you are looking for a specific app with a feature of extensive customization, our apps can become your perfect choice. From changing the look of the interface to installing new modules, we got you covered.

Software Process

All our developing of software is oversees by a detailed process that is industry standard from start to finish. We implement a tailored agile process which allows us to include the customer in the development process to deliver a more effective product. Our process incorporates among other software phases: requirement analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance.

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Electronics Design

Have a product idea but do not know where to start to get it developed into a product? Look no further. Our company can implement your idea into a working product starting with the electronics design. Our capabilities include the development of schematics, design and generation of board layout files needed for building the circuit board, assembly of board and electrical components through our manufacturing partner, and any programming needed for micro-controllers. We can also update or make changes to your old schematics, layouts, and micro-controller programs.

Schematic Development

CompSOL USA has designed many different unique schematics for particular applications over the years. Prior designs including communications (wireless or wired), external sensors, amplification, power intensive, displays or GUIs, current controlled, and many others. Do not hesitate to see if we can assist you in the schematic development of your future product!

Layout Design

There are many criteria to consider when designing the layout of a circuit. You can be at ease knowing CompSOL USA has the experience from both the electrical design stand-point as well as the manufacturing stand-point to design an effective layout that will please both the manufacturer and the end-user.

Micro-controller Programming

Whether your board is simple or very complex, the programming can be handled here at CompSOL USA. We have developed programs all over the spectrum – simple input output, analog to digital / digital to analog conversion, timers, communications, interrupts, EEPROM management, low-power consumption, etc. Whether your programming chip is 8 pins or 68 pins look no farther for the solution!


Going from design to physical product can be a bothersome task. However, CompSOL USA can save you the head-ache by building low-quantity in house for testing as well as higher quantity through our manufacturing partner. If your product is in high demand, the resources necessary for producing the quantity needed will be of no trouble you or us!

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System Integration (IoT)

Hardware/Software Integration is becoming more and more in demand by industries around the world. Our company has the capabilities to integrate software and hardware to create smart systems that can collect data on servers for data mining analysis. We can develop the devices, the graphical user interfaces (GUI), and integrate them together with a communication protocol.

Small systems

Have a system that you want to control with a graphical user interface via serially or wirelessly? We can develop it for you. Our company is happy to help you on your small size projects with a developing cost lower than the market, that will not kill your budget.

Big systems

Have a system that needs to collect data from different nodes in a server for further analysis (Data Mining)? Our company can help you with that. We can develop all the full system based on your requirements. We can also host it and provide maintenance if required.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Have a network idea product that securely connects to multiple devices via the Internet? Our company can design, develop, and deliver your idea.

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